How to build carnival games is a common question for those who are either organizing a carnival or are responsible for the carnival games at an event.

Learn How to Build Carnival Games

Cheaper Than Renting!


You see, since 1985, I’ve owned a special events company, supplying rental games that I’ve built, for all types of events and carnivals.

I’ve run and managed thousands of events over the years, and many times I’ve been asked to make carnival games for schools, churches and other types of organizations.

I just don’t have the time to build carnival games for other people, because I’m busy running my own business (we’ve grown to do events in 7 states).

But, I thought I’d shoot some video, and include the supplies needed for over 30 of the most popular carnival game designs (audience tested).

These midway type games are suitable for school carnivals, church carnivals, non-profit events, fund raisers, and much more…

Building your own carnival games is an ideal solution, especially if your organization has an annual event.  Often, the carnival games are expensive to rent, and even more expensive to buy.  Many of the classic carnival games range in price from $150 to $395.

    • Most games can be built for less than the price of a rental.
    • Many games can even be made from scrap wood.
    • Simple hand and power tools are all that is needed to build your own carnival games.
    • These games are suitable for children as young as 3 years old, and many of the games can be enjoyed by adults as well.

If you can use basic tools, such as hammer, screwdriver, and a drill, you’ll be well-equipped to build your own carnival midway games. These durable games have been tested over 25 years, and have received harsh punishment at schools, churches, fairs and festivals. These games are all designed with safety in mind.

Imagine building your own classic games of skill and games of chance, such as:

Bean Bag Toss

Tic Tac Toe

Dart Games

Cane Toss

Duck Pond

Treasure Chest

and more…


So, what am I offering?

A lifetime membership to this site, which includes:

• Over 35 videos on how to play and build the most popular games.

    • Written instructions on how to play each game.

    • Measurements and suggested colors for each carnival game.

    • Detailed list of supplies need for each game.

    Bonus # 1

    A list of carnival game suppliers I’ve used, most for over 20 years. These suppliers carry aluminum milk bottles, large safety darts, bean bags, rings, and other types of items not available locally.

    Bonus # 2

    How to Make a 9 Hole Portable Miniature Golf Course.  This is a 5 video training course on building your own portable miniature golf course.


    How much you ask?

    Only $37, and Each Lifetime Membership comes with a Complete, No Questions Asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    Hey Jack, Thanks so much. My 7 year old daughter just climbed on my lap and we watched some of your videos together. There are some games I know I could do in time for my son's birthday. Love it! Jill M