Treasure Chest

Game Rules

Player selects a key. If the key opens the lock of the treasure chest they are declared a winner and wins the prize inside.

Game Description

Since this game is a little complicated to build, I’ll divide into two parts: bottom and top.
The Bottom
The bottom part of this game is built primarily from 3/4″ plywood. The base measures 16.5″ x 11.25″.
The front and back of the bottom are identical, and measure 21″ at the top and 18.25″ at the bottom, with the height measuring 11″.
The two sides are identical, and measure 13.25″ at the top and 11.25 at the bottom. The height, or course, is the same as the front and back, measuring 11″.
As you can see from the pictures, the front and back overlap the end of the sides.
We’ve drilled 1/2″ holes on both sides, for the rope handles. The rope is simply inserted into the holes, and tied off in knots.
The front and back pieces are both edged with 1.5″ copper strips. These are attached with antiqued upholstery nails.
Two 1.5″ decorative latches are attached to the back.
The Top
The two sides of the top measure 13.25″ long and 7″ high. This is made of 3/4″ plywood. Notice how these are sculpted in the pictures.
The front and back pieces are 1″ x 2″ pieces of pine that is 21″ long.
Molding is used to fill in the rest of the top. You’ll need 8 total pieces of 1.5″ flat molding, measuring 21″ long, and 8 pieces of 3/4″ flat molding, for the middle. Please see the details in the pictures.
The top molding is held together with 1.5″ copper strips. These are attached with antiqued upholstery nails, to match the bottom.
A latch is placed on the front to hold the lock.
Now any good sturdy lock will do, that you can get duplicate keys made. Masterlock and Brinks are both good brand names. We buy locks that will use a # 69 key, because they are very common.
You’ll need about 50 keys, of which about ten or twelve should open the lock. The other keys don’t even need to match the lock. It’s a great time to clean out all the old extra keys in the house that you’re not sure about. Your local locksmith may also donate old unusable keys for your game.
Now, you’ll also need a small box to key the keys in. We purchase ours from a craft store.
Remember to keep an extra key, in case someone locks all the other keys in the treasure chest (yes, it does happen).

Material List

  • One sheet of 4′ x 8″ plywood, measuring 3/4″ thick
  • 48″ of 1″ x 2″ pieces of pine
  • Two 1.5″ decorative latches
  • Eight feet of 1.5″ copper strips
  • Two feet of 3/8″ rope
  • Two small boxes of upholstery nails – available at any hardware or home improvement store
  • 168″ of 1.5″ flat molding
  • 168″ of 3/4″ flat molding
  • One lock
  • 50 keys that do not fit the lock
  • 12 keys that do fit the lock
  • Wood stain as needed




















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Hey Jack, Thanks so much.

My 7 year old daughter just climbed on my lap and we watched some of your videos together.

There are some games I know I could do in time for my son's birthday.

Love it!

Jill M