Game Rules

Player knocks three blocks off a pedestal with a ball attached by a chain. All three blocks are painted with two different colors each. The player must end up with all three blocks showing the same color on top to be declared a winner. Each player gets three chances.

Game Description

Please note the measurements in the video were rough estimates. The measurements here are accurate.
The base of the game is 36″ long and 15.5″ wide. This is made of 3/4″ plywood.
The sides of the game are made from two 8″ pine boards (37″ long), which are both cut to form three steps. This is visible in the second picture below.
The three steps are as follows:
7.5″ (14.5″ long)
4.75″ (13.5″ long)
2.75″ (9″ long)
The back board is 11.25″ high and 15.5″ long. This is made from a 12″ pine board, and will need to be sculpted, as seen in the pictures.
The front board is 2.5″ high and 15.5″ long.
You may choose to either paint the base of the game, or apply carpet on the inside. The pictures show felt glued to the inside of the game.
The pedestal measures 7.25″ wide and 6.25″ long. This is made of 3/4″ plywood.
The two stands (that hold the dowel that holds the chain) measure 6.5″ high, and are 1.5″ x 1.5″. They are attached to the base of the game with three 90 degree angle brackets each.
Holes are drilled into the stands to accommodate the wooden dowel. The holes are 3/8″ wide and 1″ deep.
The wooden dowel is 1/4″ in diameter, and 11″ long. It is glued into the center of the stands, about an inch from the top (see pictures below).
The tennis ball is attached with an eye bolt and an “S” hook. A small hole is drilled into the tennis ball, and the eye bolt screwed in place.
The three wooden blocks are 1.25″ x 1.25″, and may be cut from scrap wood, or purchased from a toy store. These are each painted two alternating colors.

Material List

  • One 36″ x 15.5″ sheet of 3/4″ plywood for the base.
  • One 8″ pine board, measuring 84″. This will be used for the sides and pedestal.
  • One 12″ pine board, measuring 15.5″ long. This is for the back board.
  • One 3″ pine board, measuring 15.5″ long, for the front piece.
  • One 1.5″ x 1.5″ board, measuring 13″ long. This will be used for the stands.
  • One 1/4″ wooden dowel, 11″ long
  • One tennis ball
  • One eye bolt
  • One “S” hook
  • Six 90 degree 3″ brackets
  • Paint as needed
  • Wood glue


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Hey Jack, Thanks so much.

My 7 year old daughter just climbed on my lap and we watched some of your videos together.

There are some games I know I could do in time for my son's birthday.

Love it!

Jill M