Table Soccer

Game Rules

Player has three attempts to knock a miniature soccer ball into the goal. This action is similar to foosball. One ball in goal is considered a winner.

Game Description

This game works similar to foosball, with many of the parts originating from a foosball game supplier.
The base of the game is 3/4″ plywood, measuring 48″ x 24″.
The two sides are made of 6″ pine boards (exact measurement is 5.75″), and are 48″ long.
Both the front and back boards are made from 6″ pine boards that are 25.5″ long each.
Once the front, back and side boards are attached, you may then attach the table legs.
The Table Soccer game in the video and pictured has table legs because of the way the bumpers are attached. A table top model could also be built, but would require an additional base.
The target board (also made of pine) is 7″ high (the video stated 9″, which is incorrect), and 23.5″ long.
The target hole is rounded, and measures 5″ wide and 2.25″ high (see the second picture).
Have someone with artistic ability to paint the target board.
A hole is drilled in the side of the game board (4th picture) and target board to enable a cotter pin to be used.
The target board is attached with two 6.5″ piano hinges (see picture).
Three holes are drilled into the base to accommodate the three bumpers (see pictures). Please measure this before drilling the holds, because you want to make this game challenging.
The three bumpers are then attached (see the 5th picture to see the bolt that is used to attach the bumper to the table).
Two holes are drilled into both sides of the game to accommodate a foosball rod (see pictures). These holes should be about 3/4″ to 1″ in diameter, since the standard size for foosball rods is 5/8″. Although the game pictured has a solid foosball rod, I would recommend the economy hollow rods, because they are lighter and may be easier for younger children (and also slightly cheaper). Buy the shortest rod, usually around 41″.
The foosball rod is cut down to a length of 36″
The rod is then inserted into the table, the handle attached, the man attached, and the stopper applied. You may also attach an additional handle to the other end of the rod, so that the game will accommodate both righties and lefties.
Please note: It’s best to purchase the foosball rod, man, and handle from the same supplier, so that they all match.
A small indentation is drilled into the base to hold the foosball, once the rod and man are attached. You’ll have to try different spots for the indentation, once the man is attached.

Material List

  • Please note: The foosball supplies and parts are available from suppliers in the carnival supply company list
  • 48″ x 24″ sheet of 3/4″ plywood
  • One 6″ pine board that is 8′ long. This will be for the two sides
  • One 6″ pine board that is 6′ long. This will be for the front and back boards
  • One 8″ pine board or plywood, measuring 24″ for the target
  • Paint as needed
  • Two 6.5″ piano hinges
  • One cotter pin – available from any hardware or home improvement store
  • One foosball rod
  • One foosball man
  • Two foosballs
  • Three foosball bumpers
  • One or two foosball handles
  • Two foosball rubber stoppers
  • One set of table legs
  • Three nuts or locknuts to attach the bumpers


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Hey Jack, Thanks so much.

My 7 year old daughter just climbed on my lap and we watched some of your videos together.

There are some games I know I could do in time for my son's birthday.

Love it!

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